i Speak

Seattle, Washington

In October 2011 Anakbayan Seattle put together a leadership conference, the first in NWFASA history thatconsisted of 3 workshops and a panel consisting of important alumni. I was asked to give some remarks since I was in town to give a talk at the University of Washington. I was actually the keynote speaker for the 2006 NWFASA Conference held in Portland […]


I gave a lecture on my book in the fall of 2010 at UCLA organized by the UCLA Migration Study Group, Dept. of Asian American Studies, and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies University of California, Los Angeles. My very good friend and colleague, L.M.S.P. Burns,

McGill University, Canada

McGill University in Montreal, Canada is said to be the “Harvard” of Canada and I had the great privilege to do several talks there in October 2010 including one for the Sociology Department, another in Education and yet another organized by the student organization Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG).  QPIRG organizes, Cultural Shock, an annual event […]

Labor Export Program

As a member of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns I frequently do educational discussions on my research to its member organizations.

Rutgers University

I did a talk entitled, Transnational Working Class Feminisms: Women Migrant Workers in Asia and Beyond for the Feminism for the Planet, 5th Annual Women’s Studies Symposium sponsored by the Department of Women’s Studies, Rutgers University (Newark). This talk was based on my research of domestic worker organizing in Asia and the U.S.

Oxford University, United Kingdom

This was the first invitation I received for an international speaking engagement after getting my job at Rutgers. It was a great honor but also quite intimidating. The presentation ended up going very well and the contacts I made there have been enduring. I’ve since traveled throughout Europe to share my work. I gave a […]

La Hermandad, San Diego, California

I shared my experiences of contemporary Filipino-Mexican labor solidarity as a participant and observer of the International Migrants Alliance’s organizing efforts since 2006. My friends from BAYAN-USA in San Diego invited me to participate in the program.  

Istanbul, Turkey

This job can have some pretty amazing perks. My networks in Europe scored me an invitation to share my work on race and immigration in New Jersey in Istanbul, Turkey. It was love at first sight! What a truly amazing city. The talk was part of a symposium entitled, Migration and Borderlands: Dynamics of Exclusion […]

University of Vienna, Austria

I participated in a workshop on Labour Migration Programs in Comparative Perspective University of Vienna, Austria in July 18-19, 2012. This was my first time in Austria. I had a lovely time. I always enjoy visiting immigrant neighborhoods around the world and got a chance to actually stay in one for my short visit. I am always interested in learning […]