Stop JB Librojo’s deportation, end all deportations

A call for vigilance, a call to organize

I attended a vigil last night calling for a stop to JB Librojo’s deportation. It was an eerie reminder of a similar vigil which took place in front of the San Francisco ICE office for the Cuevas family in 2004. They, unfortunately, were deported.

The family’s case made national news. Well before Jose Antonio Vargas made his revelation, the Cuevas family’s deportation was amongst the first cases highlighting the impact of ICE’s stepped enforcement campaigns on the Filipino immigrant community in the wake of 9/11.
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“My knees hurt”

SOMA gentrification, Filipino Community Representation and the SF Mayoral Race

It was a Friday night. My friend, R. Zamora Linmark, author of the novel, Leche, was in town for the Filipino International Book Fest. We hopped onto the 14 bus from SOMA where I am now living and doing research to go to the Mission District for dinner at Picaro.

The bus was crowded. It was filled with a bunch of hipsters, probably all headed into the Mission, like us. Read More