Assembly Overwhelmingly Passes Bonta’s Filipino American Farm Worker Bill

After decades of being overshadowed and practically rendered invisible in California labor history, Filipino-Americans’ leadership and participation in struggles for immigrant workers’ rights may finally get the light of day. Assemblymember Rob Bonta’s bill (A.B. 123) received overwhelming support from his colleagues last May 2013.


stuff i learned in germany about race and immigration…

i presented at the international symposium of the critical migration and border regime research conference at kassel university (germany) this morning. though i’ve only been here for two days, it’s been an incredibly productive trip. i’ve learned a lot about migrant struggles here in germany as well as in greece, turkey and other places…

the turkish experience here is germany is especially interesting for me as a person of color. though they are now defunct, the group kanak attack, inspired in part by the black power movement in the U.S., was a creative effort by minoritized people in germany to assert themselves. the greek activists, meanwhile, were raving about how much they admired filipino migrant activists working with migrante international in athens (felt really proud about that)…i’m exhausted, but i look forward to the discussions taking place tomorrow…



Filipino Labor for Sale! Will Deliver

I wrote a quick overview of my book, Migrants for Export, for Hyphen magazine recently. Check it out!


Critical Migration and Border Management Research, Germany

I’ll be presenting on my research of race, immigration and belonging after 9/11 in the state of New Jersey at the Critical Migration and Border Management Research symposium in Kassel, Germany. I’m hoping to use feedback from the conference to work on the book manuscript I plan to submit to both Rutgers University Press and New York University Press in August/September. It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to really look at my data…it’s exciting to have the opportunity to do so with this group. I enjoy interacting with European migration scholars (esp. those affiliated with this group). There is a level of political commitment that they display that I’ve rarely found amongst U.S. scholars, at least those doing migration studies in the field of Sociology…


Graduate Group in Asian American Studies (GASAM), U Penn

On February 24, 2011, I gave a presentation on my book, Migrants for Export, to the Graduate Asian American Studies Program (GASAM) at Penn. I didn’t have the opportunity to workshop graduate students’ projects, but before (UCLA 2010) and since (UW 2011) my talk at Penn, I’ve set aside time to offer comments to graduate students’ examination lists, dissertation proposals, and other writing projects. Read More