Antioch University

In the fall of 2012, I spoke on a panel at Antioch University organized by Professor Michael Viola (here is the link to part 1 and part 2 of the talk). Following the panel was a workshop planning the revival of the Critical Filipino/Filipina Studies Collective (CFFSC). I was amongst the founding members of the CFFSC which was first formed in 2003.

Working Mission Statement of the Critical Filipina and Filipino Studies Collective 2003


As an activist-scholar group, the Critical Filipina and Filipino Studies Collective (CFFSC) seeks to organize educators and scholars to interrogate and challenge histories of Western imperialisms (Spanish and U.S. imperialisms), ongoing neocolonial relations in the Philippines, and their relationship to past and present Filipina/o migrations.  We claim our roots in the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggles of the Filipina/o people from which a critical nationalist Philippine Studies was born and the student movements of the 1960s in the U.S. that gave rise to Ethnic Studies. We propose that the field of Critical Filipina/o Studies focuses on the relationship between the history of Empire and the Filipina/o diaspora.


As interdisciplinary scholars in the fields of Asian American and Pacific Islander studies; Philippine studies; political economy; critical globalization studies; and race, gender, and sexuality studies, the members of CFFSC are dedicated to political activism and social criticism through teaching, research, and scholarship.  Our academic work highlights the histories and continuing legacies of Empire for Filipinas/os in the Philippines and in the global diaspora, the struggle of Filipinas/os against the colonial ideology of white supremacy, neocolonial conditions in the Philippines, and global capitalist expansion.  CFFSC supports and works with Filipinas/os for Global Justice and FOCUS (Forwarding Opportunities through Community Upliftment and Service)—community and grassroots organizations for people’s rights that provide a people’s agenda for the advancement of livelihood, dignity, respect, and empowerment for Filipinas and Filipinos in the Philippines, the United States, and in the global diaspora.


The next major workshop for the newly reconvened CFFSC is October 2013.